Global Water Labs signs up for Mci IT Suite of Solutions

Global Water Labs signs up for Mci IT Suite of Solutions

Global Water Labs signs up for MCI IT Suite of Solutions

For a modern cutting-edge laboratory solutions company that adheres and is accredited for the SANAS ISO 17025 standards, maintaining such standards requires a software solutions system that not only support this but enhances its ability to maintain such standards.

That is why Global Water Labs ( ) chose our cutting edge solutions for their laboratories. Lab1-I is an industry leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that enables a laboratory to provide real time analysis and sample tracking. They also added iPlant – the integrated Plant Maintenance Management System that helps organizations to minimise the risk of unplanned breakdowns by providing accurate maintenance schedules, iPlant/equipment inventory management and direct integration of results into the LIMS system without a technician’s intervention thus reducing human error in the capture of such results.

Global Water Labs is acquiring these solutions through our market leading SAAS (Software As a Service) format. The advantage of which is the reduction of large upfront capital expenditure and manageable budgeting. This also includes operational expenses tax benefits for this monthly expenditure and improved profitability.

Global Water Labs

Global Water Labs offers the following tests:

  • Water contamination organisms
  • Industrial water testing
  • Effluent water testing
  • Legionella
  • SANS 241 parasites
  • Drinking Water testing
  • Irrigation Water Testing

They can be contacted at

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