To decide on strategy is all very well and easy – but to implement same is where the real challenge lies!

Due to the level of IT skills and costs in South Africa, Mci IT decided to implement a strategy of outsourcing its software development to companies that specialize in software development at a reasonable cost. Deciding on a partner was more challenging than expected. Most companies all over the world receive solicitation for supplying this service, so out of these hundreds of companies, which one was suitable? How was Mci IT going to select the most appropriate partner?

Fortunately, this is the kind of challenge that most companies face. After discussing with a few other software development companies in our industry – we finalized the most effective way of identifying this partner – one way was through a proof of concept development. Fortunately, Mci IT had a project ready for development, so writing up a workable specification did not take long.

A couple of companies were contacted and they both responded well. One company CG VAK was very impressive in terms communication and demonstrated technical know-how, that Mci IT gravitated towards working with them.

This was not enough for Mci IT to confirm the selection of this company, but the CEO V. Twala decided to ensure that this was a real company and it did have the resources it claimed it had – so a trip to India was organized.

In Coimbatore, an Indian city in the state of Tamil Nadu, Mr Twala met with the CEO Mr G. Suresh, Mr Antonio Stevens the Business Development executive and Kenny George (Account Manager). Their names are interesting, but that is a story for another article.

The agreement was concluded and CG VAK is now the main supplier of software development for Mci IT. Their contact details are found in their web site

The development of our site lab LIMS by CG VAK is at an advance stage – Mci IT is hoping to launch this application before the end of 2019. CG VAK is also responsible for the development of our web site.

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