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eLims is one of MCI IT’s key R&D projects, which focuses on the modernization of our current LIMS software application as well as introducing a vast array advanced web and technological functionalities to our customers. With the functional design based on the already industry-leading Lab-I LIMS that has been developed and matured for more than 20 years, a development team that consists of inhouse Business Analysts, Laboratory Experts and Senior Software Developers, eLims promises to deliver capabilities that will enable any laboratory to provide the most efficient and consistent service possible.


Built on a secure Microsoft platform, the application can either be cloud-hosted or installed locally, as well as function on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Although adaptable to many other related standards, the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and that of Accreditation Bodies such as SANAS are key considerations to the design and functional flow of the eLims application.


eLims is currently under development and is expected to be available in for commercial use in 2020. It will allow users flexible configurations, cost effective scaling and streamlining capabilities to ensure their laboratories can produce reliable results consistently while operating at significantly increased efficiency and profitability levels.

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