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Software As A Service

Infrastructure as a Service otherwise known as a private cloud.
Companies can access the infrastructure on the cloud and save on having
to spend large on capital expenditure acquiring the necessary hardware.

Mci IT is able to offer this cloud solution to all our customers covers all
our specialized Laboratory Solutions.

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

  • No upfront capital expenditure required – payment arrangements can be created according to your affordability
  • Private cloud allows for dedicated resources accessible only by your organization
  • More secure as the security around cloud based solutions are being consistently improved
  • Easy to migrate
  • Backup and disaster recovery build into this solution


Software As A Service

You can either share your application on your local servers or on the cloud and access it via the internet.
Mci IT provides for this solution. You pay for the use of our Laboratory solution on per use basis.

The advantages of this approach are:

      • Lower costs of acquisition
      • No need for upfront capital expenditure
      • Lower costs of ownership over the lifetime of use
      • Faster implementation
      • Access software anywhere

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